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Interview with dietitian Corine El Hachem
Date: March 2nd 2020

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Our Clients Reviews

  • " After my second child's birth I didnt think I'll be able to lose the extra weight that accumulated over the years. After only 4 months, I am back to my high school weight and body! Couldn't be more thankful to my favorite dietician Corine. "

    Chantal Ayoub
  • " Daily office routines lead to eating disorders, lack of activity, and hence obesity. But Thanks to Corine who changed my lifestyle, I was able to get back in shape and move on with a healthier lifestyle. Thank you once again for everything. "

    Fouad Abou Najem
  • " Working with customers all day long makes it nearly impossible to follow a strict diet. Thank you Corine for proving how easy it is to maintain a healthy lifestyle under such circumstances. "

    Nathalie Ghali